About Pioneer Land Sales

My name is Jeff Jones, and I own Pioneer Land Sales, a family business. After over 20 years in the real estate business, I noticed that great deals on real estate and on land ownership were traditionally restricted to the very wealthy, or very well connected. Pioneer Land Sales was founded to allow EASY access to LAND OWNERSHIP for people just like YOU!

At Pioneer we sort through hundreds of land parcels a week searching for land which can be made available to the general public at a discount on what normally is sold through a realtor or word of mouth, or at a stiff premium.

Because we do the work to find land at discounted pricing, we can both pass savings on to you, as well as finance it for you, so that you don’t have to go through a bank.

       ·         No Credit?  No Problem. You’re an adult, and should be treated like one with respect.

       ·         Need Low Payments? – We can help! We’ll work to find a structure that meets your budget.

       ·         The Process is quick! – With a Cash Sale, you can own land within 24 hours. Sometimes sooner!

       ·         ¿Necesito a alguien que entienda español? – No hay problema

       ·          Precisa alguém que entenda Portuguese? – Sem problema

Financial markets fluctuate all the time, and there is no better way to protect your assets with land. Land doesn’t evaporate like your stock portfolio can. Not only that, you can use land to build and live on, for camping, hunting, fishing, and to create family memories that last well beyond your lifetime!

We are just like you. We’re normal people with kids, a dog, and a passion for helping you achieve your dreams!

Call or e-mail me today. If I’m available, I’ll happily jump on a video call also!